24 януари 2010 г.

To vote or not ???

No, I’m not talking about the political voting and election. I’m a simple man with a simple pleasure in life. Simple like the pleasure to see that for my picture has been voted in the photography site in which I am publishing some of my photos. And the thing that pisses me the most is that nobody votes for my pics just because I’m not someone who they know in person, or who knows the site management. Isn’t it stupid ??? Or I’m in some kind of mistake here? Because I thought that the main purpose of these kind of sites is to encourage the young and uncertain photographers. To nurture the young creativity and develop it. A place where the people with more experience should help the inexperienced one and explain them where they can do something to get better results. Whatever ……….. I give up…………. I won’t expect any creative criticism or useful comments from the people in the future. But I won’t stop developing my photography. No……….. I just can’t stop…………… Because it makes me feel alive !

So............ Are they that bad ???? My pictures I mean!

15 януари 2010 г.

A disabled person or not - mater of geography ?!?!?!?!?!

Why am I speaking about disabled people - because I am one of them. Yes I have a rare blood disease that’s called Cooley Anemia. I am physically unable to do heavy work. And by the meaning of the law I am Disabled person. As such I have right of parking privilege in the town center. The thing is that the municipality in which I live has decided that if you are disabled the only thing you need to do is to print a copy of you car’s documents in which is said that the vehicle is owned by a disabled person. Easy as pay - you’ll say. And you’re right if I never leave the municipality, because everi single municipality has it’s own regulation about the way the disabled people have to prove their status. In the capital there are a special stickers which are needed to park if you are in my condition :) . I asked for such sticker in my town management center, and their answer was that they cannot give me such sticker.

In one word - I’m a disabled person, but only in my municipality. Lucky me :) :) :) Now I only need to find a way to never stop traveling, and I’ll be OK !!!

9 януари 2010 г.

In the begining there was light

And after that someone decided to invent the photographic camera, and start taking pictures. Actually photography, as we all know, means drawing with light, and the cool part is that the camera takes care of the actual drawing. Lucky for me, because I'm very bad at drawing. The thing is, that I really love to take pictures, it makes me happy. Photography for me, is something like going to the psychiatrist for some people. Sometimes me and a friend of mine go shooting when we need to relax. Sometimes we go shooting just for fun, or because we have some crazy ideas and want to realize them, even if this means to go to some wide open space and arrange tee candles for half an hour in minus temperature outside around midnight. And then shoot for 40-50 minutes in these conditions while rearranging the candles.
So............... where were I..... Oh yeah, I was talking about photography....... So.... Photography is easy and fun way to say what's on your mind, to share how you've spend the night in the Disco, to show your baby to the family at the other and of the world. To say everything without words, and in the same time 1000 times clearer and stronger than any word in the World. Photography is different thing for different people, or even for one and a same person depending of the wanted effect.

In this blog you'll see some of my photographs. Sometimes with story other without. I'll be happy to read your opinion on any of them. And last but non least - Be safe and keep shooting pictures.